Yamaha XT600 SO MUCH more than an Oil Change

DENicholsPublished: March 18, 2018Updated: March 20, 20187,413 views
Published: March 18, 2018Updated: March 20, 2018

Lots of 1989 Yamaha XT600 Dual Sport Motorcycle manual stats:

N*m Ft.lbs.
Oil drain bolt 30 22
Oil tank 18 13
Oil filter cover screws 7 5.1
Oil filter cover bleed screw 5 3.6

Up and coming video about spark, here's the facts from 1989.
Spark plug stock is DP8EA-9, not to be confused with the TT600 with a DP7EA-9.
Gap .8 to .9mm or more accurately .0031-.035”
Idle 1,300 RPM
Crank HP 44
Gas mileage stock 44

Rear tire pressure 22, off-road 14.

I know I promised a video about the tire, but I had never done a motorcycle inner tube so I shot a lot of video while I figured it out. I'll sort through it to give something presentable. It's just not there yet.

That video is here now!
Yamaha XT600 Inner Tube Repair or Replace - you even get to see the use of professional tire changing equipment. :)

I usually just run fully synthetic motor oil, but at the urging of my friend Joe I bought some semi-synthetic, by Pennzoil, as long as I was reaching lower, not knowing if this bike would be worth it, I honestly wanted conventional, but I only found Pennzoil in the 10w-40, like I wanted and is recommended by current owners of the bikes. These motorcycles are supposed to shift into neutral better when hot with 10w-40. I got into the Royal Purple 10w-40 a little since I followed the wrong procedure initially changing this oil. I didn't know this motor oil needed to be drained from way above the engine before I tried pouring some oil in!

Want to read more about synthetic motor oil? I have a lot more than that on my website, but here's a link:
And here's a spinet to make you want to click:
Synthetic Motor Oil Controversy
I've met some old timers (said with great appreciation and respect) who have very valid negative experiences with synthetic motor oil. You see, what would happen, is if you'd switch from the regular mineral based variety to synthetic motor oil, your gaskets would shrink and you'd develop a leak. When I first thought about this problem, I thought, well gaskets aren't that bad to change, but I was only thinking of the oil pan gasket, some cars have other engine gaskets that are very laborious to replace, or very expensive to replace.

Careful. My bike doesn't like the stand that came with it. I use a ratchet strap overhead for more stability.

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