"Cute Baby Argues With His Dad"

AFVVirals Published March 18, 2018 39 Plays

Rumble "This cute baby argues with his dad and he is definitely a sight for sore eyes. What an adorable little baby. The two of them are spending some quality time together and having a blast. But, it seems like the father was talking too much because the little one is not letting him speak anymore. The dad in the video starts talking a couple of times but the adorable little boy interrupts him and argues. He has found a great way to stop his dad's talking. While the dad talks, the little one argues and dad cannot get a word in. What an adorable family night! Seems like the mom is definitely having a blast as she is recording this precious moment. It is a fun night, but we believe every day is like this in the house. With this adorable baby, there is no way that any day can be dull. Adorable!"