"Tot Boy Argues With His Mother Through A Baby Monitor"

AFVViralsPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

"This adorable tot boy argues with his mother through a baby monitor and it is the cutest argument ever. We have seen our share of cute baby arguments but they were definitely not like this one. This argument is special because it is through a baby monitor. This adorable tot boy is in his crib but is refusing to go to sleep. His mom is trying to find a way to convince him to sleep but he is refusing. Luckily, she comes up with the perfect solution. When children do not want to go to the bed, just include Santa in the discussion and you will see what happens. In this case, as soon as the mom in the video mentions that the Santa is watching, the little tot boy goes to sleep immediately. What a clever way! This mom must be an expert. Who would have thought of this? LOL!"

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