"Grumpy Baby Bangs Rattle Rhythmically"

AFVViralsPublished: March 18, 201819 views
Published: March 18, 2018

"This adorable grumpy baby is the cutest thing you will see today! This baby boy is holding a grumpy face as he bangs a rattle rhythmically against his stroller and it is a sight to see. Not only is he the cutest, but he is also showing some serious musical talent. Baby rattlers are produced for the amusement of a baby, but this one in the video seems like it was produced to amuse all of us. This grumpy baby seems a little bit bored, but he has found a way to make the situation interesting by banging his baby rattle rhythmically. He is enjoying the music he is creating and we are having so much fun listening to him create this masterpiece. What a clever little boy. He has found a way to make the situation interesting plus create something extremely amusing for him, and for us. What a talent!"

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