"Little Boy Loves Sleeping On A Rocking Horse"

AFVViralsPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

"This adorable tot boy loves sleeping on his rocking horse. While most children love napping on a comfortable bed or a couch, this little one has a different favorite nap place, and it is on a rocking horse. How unusual and hilarious. As kids, we all loved playing on a rocking horse. But, what we never thought of was to sleep on it. LOL! However, we completely understand this little one. It can be hard running around all day, playing in the yard and enjoying all those joys of childhood. What a life that is. It is understandable that he has to use every moment he can get to take a short break. After all, he would not want to miss out on all the fun! This really is a clever idea. He is not missing on any sleep and neither on the fun. Genius, don't you agree? Way to go!"

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