Security Camera Captures Strange Ghost Train

rumblestaff Published March 18, 2018 1,935,919 Plays

Rumble Are there such things as ghosts? Or have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost? While some people swear there’s no such thing as the paranormal, others are positive they regularly see ghosts all over the place. So you would ask the question: Are ghosts real? If you believe in ghosts, you're not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. In fact, ghosts are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon. If you still not convinced that ghosts are real, take a look at this video and we believe soon you will convince others that they are real!

This is a hair-raising video filmed in Polezhaevskaya. It shows the emergence of a ghost train and a strange man leaving it! Well that’s spooky! Interesting footage filmed from a CCTV camera in Metro Station Polezhayevskaya in Russia! It may look like a spooky scene from a horror movie, but these creepy shadows appeared on a moving train in real-life. Could this be the Russian Orient Express? What makes the video more fascinating and even creepier by the fact that the train looks like is an old retro-fashioned model. Don’t worry we weren’t planning to sleep tonight also! Normally, we wouldn’t believe in this kind of things but after watching this footage we will definitely consider the possibility.

A large number of individuals have confidence in apparitions over the globe, however, there is no logical proof they really exist. They recommend we have a spirit that lives on after we kick the bucket and we would be able to see them in this world as a vitality. There are many earmarks of questions without clarification with respect to why ships would proceed with their excursions as phantoms in the wake of being demolished. It could be a parallel universe covering. Researchers accept there could be parallel universes because of the scale of the universe, yet there is no chance to get of entering between the two as of now. What's more, a third even guaranteed: "It's an imperceptible shroud meta material military test."

Some scheme scholars propose that administrations utilize 3D images to make impacts, for example, this on the populace to test their response to paranormal occasions. There is no confirmation for any such tasks to have proceeded. Nonetheless, a few doubters were slanted to trust that it was either a reflection or two CCTV channels covering, making the impact or only an absolute lie. Late reviews have demonstrated that a critical part of the populace believes in ghosts, driving a few researchers to presume that we are seeing a restoration of paranormal convictions.

Ghost “sightings” result in part from the power of suggestion. If you think you might see a spirit, say, while entering an empty house at night, you’re more likely to perceive an experience—whether it’s a cold draft or a moving shadow—as an apparition. So, do you believe in ghosts?


  • johnnyu, 1 year ago

    video special effect.

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  • THReynolds2, 1 year ago

    It wasn't noticed by the people walking by it. If the camera could see it, they should have been able to see it, too.

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    • CAROLINEPITTS, 1 year ago

      Actually no, TH. The amazing thing about the new digital cameras is that they are even more able to capture what is not seen by the naked eye. That's why so much more is now captured and uploaded. Not just that more people have cameras but that digital cameras "see" much more than the original film could "see". I don't know what the difference is but clearly there is a BIG difference. :D

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      • marcuspmarcus, 1 year ago

        Not exactly. The medium is a factor, to a degree, but more so is the shutter speed/exposure time. Regardless, I have to wonder why an inanimate object would have a ghost. Second, it's awfully interesting that the SAME TRAIN was caught in what is claimed to be Baotou Railway Station, China. In fact, it's actually the same video. The only difference is the label in the upper left-hand corner:

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      • LisaLeigh777, 1 year ago

        That's true, due to the heat, energy picked up by the cameras digital imaging. Most things can be easily heard but not seen when it comes to the unusual and unexpected things that go on around us!

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  • Imran520, 1 year ago

    Amazing Video. It shows that security system is wonderful.

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  • Rin, 1 year ago

    Good video,Please Subscribe and Like Share me

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  • CAROLINEPITTS, 1 year ago

    The ability to compare the ghost train on left with the real train on the right and people walking by helps to validate the probability that this is a true "ghost train". Although less common, machines, horse-drawn carriages, and other moving apparatus have been seen in areas where they were used consistently for large hauntings.

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    • DedSilence, 1 year ago

      It's residual energy left over right?

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  • ahernandez4110, 1 year ago

    The Train to He'll 🤣😂🤣😂

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  • Rocadero, 1 year ago

    This is called “sensor burn” where the camera sensor has been exposed to the same image for extended periods of time. Similar to video display screen burn-in, the image of the tracks has been burned-in to the camera sensor, making the train look like a ghost train.

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