Amazing Snowman Bird Feeder, Build It And They Will Come

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: March 18, 2018Updated: March 20, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018Updated: March 20, 2018

Snow in abundance in Vancouver ,British Columbia Canada is quite a rare occurrence so when it happens, Brent does get quite excited . Brent lives in the outskirts of Vancouver, which is just a short drive north of the Washington ,USA border along the Pacific Ocean coast. Rarely does the temperatures in winter drop below freezing so when snow comes, it is generally very wet and messy, or is generally gone within the day. This snowfall lasted nearly 12 hours bringing nearly 12 inches of the white stuff and it remained for over one week. The brightness the snow brings to the evenings along with how beautiful all the surrounding trees and fields in his neighbourhood become is quite incredible. On the morning of this large snowfall in February, Brent had a brainstorm to create a snowman bird feeder. What a great idea, he thought, it would be a fun little project, he could get outside and enjoy a brisk fresh morning along with his dog Poncho as well as create a fun little snowman in which to place some sort of trays to hold feed for the birds. Setting up his camera, as “it seems he records just about anything “ his wife Elsa said, he planned to document this huge engineering endeavour :-) On began the planning, what, when, and how big. That all done the excavation began. Poncho was never far from the job site, always lending her support . Once all the snow was piled, the shaping began, carving the body, then the head. It seems Mr Snowman became quite the odd looking fellow, but all was good. The outfitting of Mr Snowman began, and once again Poncho was near, making sure that Brent placed everything, including the hat and gloves for hands, just so. “You can never be too perfect “ Brent mentioned he was sure he heard Poncho suggest. Once Mr Snowman was all dressed, then came for choosing feed for the little feathered friends. Searching the pantry came up with some peanuts and sunflower seeds “perfect” so it was thought. Placed on the top of the hat, and on a strategically placed plate on one of Snowmans arms, now it was time to enjoy all the hundreds of birds that were going to enjoy this nicely created feeder, just for them. Well, Poncho decided some of the clothing was better suited for her rather than the birds. Watch and enjoy the creation ,effort and fun that was put into Mr Snowman and how inquisitive and sly Poncho is. Oh and it was amazing just how many birds showed up, more than Brent could count…none, but what fun. Enjoy, Brent sure did as did Poncho!

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  • 1 rumble
    enkeithepug · 43 weeks ago

    so much snow!!!

  • 1 rumble
    EmotionsofAfrica · 43 weeks ago

    That is so cool!! I'm a great fan of bird feeders with many in my gard n but couldn't imagine one made out of snow.

  • 1 rumble
    DavidMcNab · 43 weeks ago

    The buttons must be made of salami or something. Funny dog! I like the music choice too :)

    • 1 rumble
      cdngreenwaterdiver · 43 weeks ago

      close, was all i could find with a similar shape, and of course Poncho loved them