Snow Dog Husky Pulls Kid On Sled Down The Street

Mikerri1198Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018663 views
Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged of a Siberian Husky puppy pulling a little girl on her sled down the street with ease. Just a husky doing husky things!

This is the thrilling moment when a man tries to recreate a scene from Snow Dogs by attaching the sled to a Husky pup, in order to pull the little girl sitting on it. Watch as several kids walk down a snowy path, frolicking in the snow while a husky pup wants to be part of the pack.

The friendly pooch is desperately seeking attention from his humans, and he will do anything just to tag along and enjoy their company. In this clip, we see that the adventurous pooch was given one very important role, to be the driver of the sled. Watch the joyous moment when a little girl is being pulled by a Husky on a tiny sleg along a snowy street.

The man who is filming the video, seems to be enjoying the sight, constantly cheering for the Husky-girl team. Moments later, the husky pulls its engines to full speed and manages to reach the other kids and offer them a ride. Do you think the girl enjoys her bumpy ride? Judging by her fits of laughter, she most definitely does!

Would you dare taking a ride on this tiny sled being pulled by a tough Husky pup? We most definitely put this fun adventure on out winter bucket list!

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