MILLIONS KILLED by Death Jab as Project Veritas buries secret video from Pfizer scientist

2 months ago

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Justin Leslie is a former Pfizer scientist & whistleblower of Pfizer, Project Veritas, O'Keefe Media Group and James O'Keefe. He worked directly on the COVID-19 Pfizer mRNA vaccine platform from March 2021 to April 2022 and spent some time working undercover at Pfizer as part of the Project Veritas team. Now he tells all. In Justin's documentary PROJECT WHISTLEBLOWER (2024), he takes you on a journey into the heart of truth, and uncovering the "veil" of gaslighting and deception which shows Pfizer employees on tape, admitting Pfizer side effects.

Why was his important information shelved by Project Veritas? What is going on with O'Keefe, is he compromised? You won't believe your eyes or ears.

What Justin learned - and documented on film - could bring pharma giants like Pfizer to their knees. Justin also reveals what happened during his time at Project Veritas (founded by James O'Keefe) and subsequently working at O'Keefe Media Group.

Join Justin for a shocking insider expose of what goes on behind the scenes at pharma juggernauts like Pfizer - as well as alternative media outlets like Project Veritas (and James O'Keefe's dubious connections and behaviour). Get ready for this three year long journey that ends with a Bohemian Grove twist.

You can find Justin's eye-opening whistleblower documentary PROJECT WHISTLEBLOWER at:

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