The child dances to the music beautifully!

Valentin00991Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018
Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

The art of dance is a great means of educating and developing a little man. It enriches the spiritual world, helps the child to open up as a person. The combination of movement, music, play creates an atmosphere of positive emotions, which in turn liberate the child, make his behavior natural and beautiful. It will take quite some time, and you will notice how your daughter or son significantly transformed: there will be proud posture, good coordination of movements, a refined plastic. In addition, he will begin to feel the rhythm, to understand the nature of the melody, he will develop artistic taste, creative imagination. All this will certainly make him a deeper person and teach him to understand himself and others better.
... Every child in potency is the Creator of all things, including
and aesthetic, values: building houses, he shows his architectural creativity, sculpting and painting... sculptor and painter; finally, he is very gravitated to dance, songs,dances and dramatization... p. p. Blonsky.
Needless to say, we all love to dance – both adults and children. And no matter the rules people dancing or moving as best he can. In any case, the dance is fun.
Dance cannot be reduced to simple rhythmic movements to music or without it, it is a manifestation of our individuality and uniqueness of story (or confession), is told through movements. Plunged into the wonderful world of dance and music, we become able to openly Express their emotions, which is not always allowed to do in everyday life. Thus, the art of dance carries, in addition to beauty, and psychotherapeutic effect: expressing itself openly and vividly, without fear of internal contradictions and passions, we thereby get rid of the clamps and complexes that have already had time to take root in our soul. Dance allows you to fully loosen up and teaches us not to be afraid to be yourself.
Dancing is also a great way to improve your health. Smooth and expressive movements straighten the spine, strengthen muscles and improve posture.
... The dance in the first place, rebellious spirit, of will, nerve energy, which can be expressed, to give, to make all sorts of gestures and body moments of these spiritual outbursts subordinated to the thirst for spiritual revelation.
L. A. Avdeev.Even in Ancient Greece, it was believed that the formation of creative, harmoniously developed personality requires a comprehensive education, including, in addition to training in arithmetic and astronomy, music and dance. In the 20th century, Swiss composer and teacher Emil Jacques Dalcrose developed a system of musical and rhythmic education, which is still one of the most famous and popular methods of musical education in the world. For Dalcroze, through communication with music and dancing a person learns to know the world and themselves in this world, and dance classes will not only develop musicianship, but also help to cultivate willpower, communication skills and develop creative potential.
Indeed, many psychological studies have shown that children involved in dance achieve greater academic success than their peers, as well as outperform them in General development. Dance helps to form the initial mathematical and logical representations of the child, trains the skills of orientation in space, develops speech. Dance classes help to develop qualities such as dedication, discipline and hard work. Rhythmics, plastics form the basic motor skills and abilities, prevent the violation of posture. Such classes enrich the motor experience of the child, improve motor skills, develop active mental actions during physical exercises.
Even the most closed children become more liberated, open and sociable. With the help of dance you can solve many psychological problems. Child through the dance begins to see the world through different eyes. Of course the problems just no where to disappear, but they perceive the person starts differently, much more positively.

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