Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Give Egg Back After Challenge

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Published: March 17, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

Lily is a four month old Golden Retriever-Terrier cross with a mind of her own. When Nicole decides to try the famous egg challenge, Lily is eager to play along. She takes the egg gently in her mouth and then tries to high tail it out of the room, obviously to eat the egg. She obeys her owner, sort of, when she is told to stay, but she refuses to let go of the egg.

Nicole and her sister begin laughing and trying to coax Lily to give the egg back. They try talk to her gently, giving her stern orders, even bribing her with a treat.

Nicole begins to think it's time to end the challenge and get the egg back but Lily isn't giving it up.

Both girls try to pry Lily's mouth open to get the egg out but Lily stands her ground. It's amazing that Lily can keep her jaw locked partially shut so the egg won't be taken, yet she doesn't crack it. It becomes impossible not to cheer for Lily because her determination is so impressive.

In an adorable attempt to win the egg, Lily tries her pleading eyes. She offers a paw and it's melting Nicole's heart. Nicole tries harder, through giggles and laughter, to get the egg and prevent a mess. In the end, Nicole tries to trade a ball for the egg. Lily lets go for a split second but the egg doesn't land safely as hoped.

It's impossible to be upset over a broken egg when Lily is just so adorable. Lily intended to make a getaway to eat her egg, but she gets it in the end and the mess won't last long.

Lily is a dog with a very playful personality and lots of energy. Nicole and her family are constantly laughing at her antics.

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    cute, Bella ,my sons dog's , competitor , good doggy

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    Anyone want scrambled eggs for dinner? LOL!

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    It's all mine. You will NEVER get it back from me human!! Hahahaha!!