Tiny Dog In Goggles Is Too Cool For The Bike

AFVPublished: March 16, 2018
Published: March 16, 2018

A tiny dog in goggles sits in a front carrier on their owner’s chest. As the owner bikes through the streets of a suburban town, the dog moves their paws as if they were pedaling the bike, or at least running really fast. “Ridin’” by Chamillionaire plays in the background, making this one cool pooch. The dog looks side to side as they move, possibly checking for any police officers that may patrol and try to catch them riding dirty. The biker positioned their GoPro perfectly on the handlebars to make this look like a real doggy music video.

We all know how much dogs love to travel! But why is this pooch so happy? Is it the perfect music selection going in the background? That too, but still, dogs love to travel because of 5 simple:

1. It gives them the sensation of hunting. The bike’s movement forward gives the dog a feeling of moving in unison with its pack during a hunting adventure, a pure euphoria!
2. Adventure ahead. Being naturally outgoing and curious, dogs love when the scenery changes around them: new sights, smells and sounds.
3. Scents overload. The dog’s sense of smell is forty times better than ours and as the bike moves around the dog picks up a constantly updated information about the surrounding world.
4. A promise of a tasty treat. Many dogs are aware that the fun in a ride rests in the possibility to get a piece of tasty treat.
5. Mobile household. The dog considers the vehicle as an extension of the family home. This is why the dog would bark from inside a parked car at passers-by, eager to protect it just as it protects the house.

Those are the facts, and here is another: this dog is unbelievably cool!

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