Woman Gets Hit In The Face In Egg Toss Game

AFVPublished: March 16, 201815 views
Published: March 16, 2018

A group of adults hang out at a casual barbeque in a nice suburban backyard. Most of them sit around and drink as they watch two teams play an egg toss game. Two men stand on one side of the yard and each catch an egg thrown to them from the other side. The first throw is a little low, but the guy nabs it. The second one arrives perfectly in the other player’s hands. The camera pans to show the two women who threw the eggs, now waiting for their turn to catch. You don’t see the next throw, but you hear someone at the party say, “uh oh.” An egg comes in too fast and too high to be caught, so instead it smashes directly into the woman’s head. (It’s important to note that this was the woman with the perfect toss in the previous round.) Everyone starts laughing, including the person with egg on her face.

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