Boy's Pants Fly Clean Off Bouncing In The Rain

AFVPublished: March 16, 201815 views
Published: March 16, 2018

Jumping on a trampoline in the pouring rain: not an obvious choice, per se, but it certainly sounds like a good time. If there’s no lightning, go nuts. We at AFV realize such a statement should go without saying, but so is “always wear underwear,” and clearly not everyone is cognizant of that little tidbit.

Two boys bounce on a trampoline in the rain as their dad records them.

This guy’s got my vote for “Father of the Year.” He sets the stage for the momentous event he is unaware will soon occur by stating “This is what ghetto kids do. They’re in the rain on a trampoline.” (We at AFV should note that the surrounding neighborhood appears to be pretty nice, so we cannot speak to the use of the word “ghetto” here)

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