Dog Is Amazed And Upset By Man's Magic Trick

AFV Published March 16, 2018 2,169 Plays

Rumble Magic tricks are an age-old font for amusement, amazement and, in some cases, anger. They bring a little joy and enchantment to the world even when you know that you are being tricked. Animals can be deceived by people, but do they feel wonderment or sense that they have seen the impossible? We don’t know for sure but this dog looked amazed when he saw his owner performing a trick. Take a look at the video and see the pup’s adorable reaction!

The trick the man pulls off is fairly simple, and we believe you can probably see what he does fairly easily if you closely follow his right hand at all time during the trick. He shows his dog the treat in his hand and the dog gets super excited. He wants that treat so badly! The dog is bouncing around the bed they are on trying to get the treat in the man’s hand. Being responsible, the man gets the excited pup to sit down and politely wait for his treat.

He shows the dog the treat and then “puts” the treat in his left hand, closing his fingers into a fist. The dog reaches out a paw and taps the hand so he can be rewarded. Instead, the man opens his hand and there is no treat! The dog’s face was like: Where is my treat, Hooman?

Don’t you just love the way the other pup in the back sits so calm and observes the whole situation? It’s hilarious!

The dog in this video just wanted a treat from his owner, but his owner decided to have some fun first. It was so unfair!