Mom And Daughter Slip And Fall Chasing A Bowling Ball

AFV Published March 16, 2018 158 Plays

Rumble Outside of tee-ball, bowling has to be the first “sport” that little kids really learn or are attracted too. Every child has been to a bowling alley party by the time they are in the third grade, at the very least.

This mom is just trying to teach her daughter how to bowl…

Bowling, like golf, can be a relaxing, gentle sport if you want it to be. Or it can be an anger inducing chase for something that you just cannot quite reach. Or is that just me? Anyway, the mom and her daughter are positioned at the foul line of their lane. Fortunately, they’ve got the child setup turned on with the gutter guards up and the foul line alarm turned off. Trust me, if that foul line is turned on and you fault, you will know! It lets out a screech and a red laser highlights the line at most bowling alleys. With the number of times this little girl steps on the line it would be blaring if they hadn’t turned it off.