River Dolphins Show Tourists a Good Time

Published March 16, 2018 85 Plays

Rumble Dolphins are incredible, and I said that on porpoise (break for applause). They’re complex, fascinating and intelligent creatures, and I’m not sure we truly appreciate them enough. Scientists have already observed them perform countless incredible feats, imagine all they’re capable of that we have no idea about. One thing I had no idea they could do (in the wild, at least) is be trained to assist in human acrobatics.

These river dolphins show some tourists a grand ol’ time.

This is one heck of a tour, where do I sign up? These folks are on a river excursion where these wild dolphins have learned to position their snouts under these people’s feet, after which they lift them up and swim them forward in congress. Think about that: they work together to do this, and they have not been in captivity like their brethren being held in various aquatic parks. One would expect this out of those such sea mammals, but not wild ones.