Truck Driver Miscalculates Vehicle Height, Pays The Price

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Published: March 16, 2018

Roadways all over the world have proven to be dangerous places. A lot of car crashes, animals on the roads, drunk drivers. We always need to be careful when we are driving! There are three main components to highway safety: The vehicle, the roadway, and the driver. A range of positive changes has been made over the years to our cars and roads which have aided road safety. Despite this, research suggests that human errors and distractions are still causing a tragic number of road accidents. This is a footage of a truck hitting the bridge!

The footage is taken from a dash camera of a car which was driving behind the truck. The driver in the car behind the truck explains the whole situation: "My daughter and I were on route 25 heading to the Wareham underpass of Glen and Charlie Road. I noticed an 18 wheeler with about 2 feet of snow on it and ask my daughter to videotape the truck. Luckily, when the truck hit the underpass the snow was soft enough to fall and not cause major damage, but I was not expecting the tarp to come down which hit my car. We were fortunate not to panic and cause an accident."

We should always alter our driving behavior to suit conditions. We may not be able to control others, but if we follow this advice we will be doing our best to look after our families, ourselves and others.

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      somtomangkor · 37 weeks ago

      Good Video,Please Subscribe and Like Share me

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      patrick65 · 33 weeks ago

      This is not footage of a truck hitting a bridge. The truck didn't hit anything. It was just soft snow. However the truck driver was at fault for not cleaning the snow off of his truck.