Smart Dog Climbs Over Two Baby Gates To Escape

Published March 16, 2018 351 Plays

Rumble We bet that hilarious escapes sound familiar to all dog owners over the world. You are doing some housework inside, while your dog is in its dog’s house and suddenly something is scratching at the door. You open it and see your dog in front of you! The video you will see is nothing like that, but it includes an amazing dog with some professional skills for escaping! Take a look!

Dogs are so much fun. But sometimes even they can get bored. That is when problems occur. This video is actually quite unbelievable! I would call this doggo an escape artist because he was able to climb over two STACKED baby gates.
Clearly, this puppy has a history of climbing gates and escaping "his area" because the owner not only put up one baby gate to keep him inside, the owner stacked TWO baby gates. Some will say that he uses a little bit of Houdini’s magic to exploit his escaping talents, but who knows?!

It is amazing what dogs would use to their benefit when trying to escape from someplace. Give your dog a reason to think that the good times are inside of the yard and not on the other side of the fence. It will help you handle the escaping problem.

The video starts with the puppy clawing at the gate and then he eventually starts to climb up and over it. This puppy has cat-like moves, am I right? Enjoy this video and share with us if you have a similar video from your pet!