"Angry Tot Is Angry!"

AFVVirals Published March 16, 2018 36 Plays

Rumble "Ah, toddlers. They are such moody little creatures. In this video, you’ll see what is like to try and make a moody toddler smile. Spoiler alert: she got even angrier! We all know toddlers are moody but this little girl is something else! Her anger level is super high! We don’t know who or what annoyed her, but we are a little bit scared of her angry look.nAnger is a normal occurrence in a toddler’s life, and no one shouldn't take it personally. We feel for this little boy but we bet he has these kinds of mood swings, too. When faced with an angry tot, the best thing to do is remain calm, take a deep breath and just wait for it to pass. We bet this angry little girl has the most adorable smile but she hides it behind this angry face. She just needs someone to make her smile. Awww… So cute!"