When He Got Pulled Over, He Feared The Worse; Then His Life Changed In A Huge Way

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Published: March 16, 2018

Dell, 28, was driving in Westland on Monday afternoon when he was pulled over for having tinted windows on his car.

That's when Officer Joshua Scaglione noticed that Dell's three-year-old daughter was sitting in the back, and wasn't buckled up in a car seat.

Scaglione asked Dell to step out of the car and the father thought he was in trouble. But to his surprise, the police officer only wanted to talk.

Dell opened his heart to the rookie cop, tearing up as he explained that he was going through a hard time and couldn't afford a new car seat after his daughter outgrew her old one.

Scaglione purchased a pink car seat, Dell's daughter's favorite color, that was adorned with butterflies.

Dell happily installed the car seat, only to realize later that he had never found out the caring cop's name.

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