President Trump Devotees Build Outrageous Trump Mobile

BarcroftCarsPublished: March 16, 2018
Published: March 16, 2018

No matter how many are uploaded every hour, the world of the Internet will never have enough of car crash videos. No matter the circumstances or location, getting to witness something devastating like so makes you rethink your own actions and decisions, then throw everything in the air and say “to hell with it, I’m going to live my life"!

Two of Donald Trump’s biggest super-fans have manufactured a wacky vehicle to honor his time as US President. Decorated in red, white and blue, ‘The Trump Mobile’ is made of two Mercedes Benz wagons and other parts from 43 different cars – and it is covered in pro-Trump signs and memorabilia including a mini-Trump statue perched on the roof. Finnish couple, Karl and Nina Lindroos, spend most of their time living in Florida and they are responsible for the build that they believe helped Trump gain power in the 2016 US election. And the married duo are showing no signs of slowing down as they are hoping to use the ‘mobile’ to help the controversial leader retain his power in 2020.

This might be a moving tribute, but you can't debate that its the best one you've seen. As far as Trump supporters go, this guy definitely takes the first place. This couples car might be the craziest thing you see all week. Take a look at the detail and work these two have put in to make the Trump mobile look so great and definitely put down a mark in history for the most honored president through a car tribute.

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