Exhausted Dog Quits Walk, Lays Down To Recharge Batteries

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Published: March 16, 2018

This is the adorable moment when one exhausted pooch decided it was time to stretch his legs in the middle of the street, because he just got tired of walking and needed to catch a break! Is Simba the Golden Retriever really lazy or is he perhaps just seeking attention from strangers? Either way it's a priceless moment!

Like any puppy, Simba loves to run and play, but even the most energetic of puppies get tired eventually. A battery needs recharging after a while, right!

Footage shows this lazy pooch, snoozing in the middle of the street. It seems like he had had a very long and eventful day, so instead of walking home, he would much rather lay down right here on the asphalt, splay as long and wide as he is and wait for his battery to recharge. We’ve all been there buddy, if only it were that easy.

A lot of puppies tend to have this issue when they are young, so it would probably be a good idea not to take your pup on a long walk during early age. On the other hand, pups tend to drag themselves on the floor when they think they have someplace more interesting to be.

Watch as this stubborn canine refuses to move a muscle and wants to doze off in the middle of the street instead. If he doesn't want to do it, he will make his wishes known! We have seen many videos of dogs protesting their walks by stopping, sometimes whining and howling, but that is not the case with our lazy Simba here, he collapses right in the middle of the street! Hilarious!

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