Productive Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesisby Dr. Michael Nehls

1 month ago

Dr. Michael Nehls is a physician and molecular biologist from Germany. In this video, Dr Nehls discusses the importance of hippocampal neurogenesis and offers ways to improve it through lifestyle changes, including purpose in life, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and social life.
He also talks about how COVID-19 measures, such as lockdowns and gene-based vaccines, and the official fear narratives have led to brain-damaging life changes during COVID-19, thus reducing hippocampal neurogenesis.
In his new book, The Indoctrinated Brain, he argues that gene-based COVID vaccines are weapons targeting brain function, particularly the formation and retention of new memories. He further claims these brain-damaging influences are intended to amplify the subversive effect of propaganda and psychological warfare, for example, against viruses, climate changes and more.
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Moreover, Ulrike GranΓΆgger from the Solari Report has interviewed him, which you can find at:,
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