Here Is What Happens When Rain Freezes On The Street

6 years ago

The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors.

However, not all of us happen to adore the snow, nor the winter season as much as the "winter person". When winter comes around some of us decide to stay in and not even look outside, let alone actually leave their house. As for all of you, this might be the perfect video to see that you are not alone. This guy filming the whole scenario is sitting by his window, probably with a hot cup of tea and enjoying the view.

Info from Licensor: "I was in Swanage for the Swanage Blues Festival. There were freak weather conditions that resulted in freezing rain . The side roads are steep hills, and the ice made them extremely treacherous. I had struggled to climb the same hill earlier, so when I heard these guys trying to climb it I went up to the bedroom to watch." Occurred on March 2, 2018 / Swanage, Dorset, UK

This might be one of the most freezing rain scenarios where it has come to that point that let alone cars, but people can't even walk the streets due to the hazardous conditions. Take a look, it is as if these people are just some kind of toys slipping and sliding across this frozen road .

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