This Parrot Is Head Over Heels In Love With Its Tablet

Skye2k15Published: March 15, 2018Updated: March 16, 20183,562 views
Published: March 15, 2018Updated: March 16, 2018

The rapid growth of technology is taking its toll on us. It seems as though every day there is a new version of a phone, shinier and prettier than the last. Computers are shrinking in size and television is trying to make up for it by growing in inches. This puts a lot of pressure on a person in this consumerist world. It can sometimes feel like we’re changing appliances in the same rate as we’re changing socks, and it’s quite a troubling thought.

It seems that humans as species aren’t the only ones affected by this plague. The moving images on a screen can captivate almost anything that has a functioning set of eyes. The vivid colors and the gracious motions can entrance everyone and it seems like this little birdy is far from immune. Skye the Parrot is absolutely in love with his iPad! Even though it isn’t turned on, Skye knows the potential it has. The iPad can create magic and this adorable blue parrot is beyond excited about it.

His owner left the iPad on the bedding and let Skye inspect it for a bit. He tries to peck it with his beak and stomps on it with its feet but it stays unlocked. Seen as he can’t open it himself, he starts telling his owner to do it. A bit of a chirp here and another chirp there and the owner is putty in its feathers. Just look at that excitement! Skye has achieved its goal and can now play with the magic box. Absolutely hilarious!

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      bluedaisy · 32 weeks ago

      peek a boo parrot ...... cute!!!!