Jump Off Picnic Table Ends In Old Guys Faceplanting

AFV Published March 15, 2018 606 Plays

Rumble Tables are not for standing on. Sure, some people still do it anyway, but it’s not their intended purpose. They’re built to support plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, napkins— those kind of loads. What they are not meant to do is support the weight of three grown men, even if they are only in bathing suits.

Three middle-aged men climb onto a picnic table and prepare to jump in a kiddie pool.

First off, this table very well appears to have been homemade, which makes this idea even worse. Either way, this piece of outdoor furniture was most definitely not constructed on the finer end of the craftsmanship scale. I’m sure a few, if not several, extra screws, nuts or bolts would’ve helped this situation tremendously.