Kid Cannonballs Into Baptismal Water, Priest Dared Him To Do It

Published March 15, 2018 130 Views

Rumble Baptisms are generally a very solemn but joyous affair. It is the purification of oneself and the rebirth in to the Christian church after all.

As a congregation you expect baptisms to be fairly simple, smooth affairs…

Admittedly, we have not been to every church service in the world. So, outside of lake and river baptisms, we have only seen the simple drops of water in a cross on the forehead baptisms. Since when do churches come with built-in baptismal pools? Based on this video, the pool in this church looks like it is big enough to do laps in. Do…do you think the pastor gets his morning swim on in the church pool before service? Okay, that is an absurd idea, yes, but this is an absurdly large baptismal pool. Back to the baptism at hand. The first one actually goes off fairly smoothly. The pastor says the words, offers up the prayers and gently dunks the boy in the water. He then sends the boy off to the side, out of view of everyone.

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