Emotional Girl Jumps For Joy Over New Puppy Surprise

Published March 15, 2018 805 Plays $1.77 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsEvery kid loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this girl when she opens the box and realizes she received a new puppy!

Footage shows this kid's adorable reaction the moment she realizes she's just received a new puppy. She can't hold back the tears! This little girl's gentle reaction to a new puppy addition to the family will definitely warm up your hearts! Best friendship in the making!

Prepare to get a tissue ready as this heartwarming video with make your heart melt. In this video, an emotional little girl gets overwhelmed with happiness when she opens up the cardboard box lying on the porch, only to find out that she received a canine companion. Her wish finally gets fulfilled and she cannot help holding back her emotions! Her tears of joys fill the viewers with joy as well and may even bring a tear to your eye. What a precious moment to witness! This video is one that should not be missed by anyone.

We've all had that moment where we have broken down into tears out of pure happiness. This little girl will surely remember this moment forever as this was the moment she met her best friend. Watch as this little girl opens up the gift box with her baby sister, and is swept off her feet when she receives the puppy surprise! Good thing her parents captured this moment on video as this video really does bring happiness into our lives.

Caring for a dog can be a lot of hard work but this little girl will do a great job at it! As soon as the girl opens the box, she meets eye-to-eye with the little doggy and realizes that something is moving inside. She is immediately overwhelmed with emotion and is obviously left for words. She picks the puppy up and bursts into tears.

Her baby sister joins and they both start petting the pup and shower her with love and affection!