3.20.24: Bl@@dbath MSM caught, Navarro, Lincoln connections, border wins, deep cleanse Pray!

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Interesting connections with Lincoln: https://t.me/ScottyMar10/1202

Democrats border plan https://t.me/traceytray17/250319

Yikes. Pence just said it's unacceptable to compare the prisoners who were set up during the January 6th false flag to hostages. https://t.me/PepeMatter/19011

Flynn says he would accept a role in the Trump administration under one condition: https://t.me/bioclandestine/3134

⚡️ Ex-Trump Aide Blasts Pelosi, Clinton Before Heading To Federal Prison https://t.me/GrasshopperChannel/9008

“If they don’t love you any longer, make them fear you.” “If they don’t love you any longer, make them fear you.”

Kevin O’Leary : “We need an adult in the room now- This is The United States of America Under Siege” https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/60203

Researcher and Best-Selling Author Abigail Shrier Warns Parents That Schools Are NOT Your Friend https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/62630

Take 30 minutes of your life to hear Drake Bell's courageous and heartbreaking entire testimony of being sexually abused https://t.me/ThePatriotAU/111795

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