You Just Wish You Could Afford These 10 Outrageously Expensive Commodities

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Rumble If you want something bad enough you have to pay for it, at least according to the sellers of these ridiculously expensive “life perks”:

10. Heidsieck Monopole 1907.
If you just won the lottery, then treat yourself to a glass of the world’s fanciest Champaigns. These bottles were found in a 100-year-old shipwreck and sell for US$25,000 each.

9. Le Burger Extravagant.
It has got a patty of Japanese Wagyu beef, 18-month-old cheddar, a quail egg and lots of truffles. This US$300 burger is held together with a gold diamond-encrusted toothpick.

8. Rhein II.
The photograph shown in the video was taken by Andreas Gursky, who is famous for more colorful landscapes. “Rhein II” was sold for US$3 million.

7. The Walking Man.
Your wallet might be thin, but it would be much thinner if you bought this skinny statue. “The Walking Man” by Alberto Giacometti set a world record when it sold for US$104.3 million.

6. Chopard Blue Diamond.
Nothing says “I do” like the world’s most expensive ring. Featuring a sizable 9 carat blue diamond, it is your for US$16 million.

5. The Azzam.
With enough room to accommodate 36 guests, the Azzam is the largest yacht in the world. It is owned by the Emir of Abu Dhabi, who bought it for US$400 million.

4. Extinct Hula Bird Feather.
If you consider yourself a high-flier, than this is definitely the item for you. A feather from this extinct New Zealand bird species sold at auction for US$7,000.

3. Spin Jeans by Damien Hirst.
Once and for all, we can finally settle who really “wears the pants” in high society. There are only 8 pairs of jeans in the world, and each one costs US$27,000.

2. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes.
Get this portable jewelry shop that makes phone calls, and never complain about your phone bill again! Made of rose gold, platinum and 187 diamonds, this iPhone costs US$2.97 million.

1.Parking in Manhattan.
Parking anywhere in New York City can be very expensive. One luxury condo in Manhattan charges US$1 million per spot.

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