Why Are We Allowing China to Collect All of Our Data? | In the Foxhole with Karen Kingston & Jeff Dornik

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During this episode of In the Foxhole, co-hosts Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik discuss the bill banning TikTok and what’s really going on. The truth of the matter is that this bill is a threat to the first Amendment and a distraction from the massive data collection operation by the CCP. Both Jeff and Karen call for a complete and entire separation from China, cutting off all economic ties whatsoever. Karen also calls out Senator Rand Paul for voting against banning Chinese biotechs.

The conversation transitions into mRNA nanotechnology, which we are finding in everything from the covid jabs to food and meat. Karen closes out the show with an explanation of what each of us can do to help rid our communities of the covid jabs and mRNA technology in our food.

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