Teacher Deserves An Award After Pranking His Student

AFV Published March 13, 2018 12,172 Plays

Rumble I have seen many videos of teachers pranking students, and students pranking teachers but this clip of a teacher pranking one of his students might snag the award for the funniest. What will that award be? IDK, maybe Teacher Clown? The Clowniest Teacher? Teacher Funny Guy?

Either way, our funny guy teacher sits opposite of the classroom door while one of his students is in the room with him. Moments later, two teen girls walk in, one being the funny prank victim and the other her "friend" (who is probs in on the prank).

sidenote: I'm not sure EXACTLY what the setup is but it looks to me that the teacher and the two other girls were in on the prank.

Either way, the prank was successful and hilarious -- she FELL on the ground laughing!! My takeaway from this video: #savetrees #recycle