DOK Takes the Bait! Alaska Adventure!

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Published: March 13, 2018Updated: March 17, 2018

While on an Alaska cruise, guests who booked a shore excursion in Ketchikan, Alaska to experience what it's like to go on a crab fishing tour were treated to a funny, yet educational tour aboard the 'Aleutian Ballad'. The crew aboard the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour and 'Aleutian Ballad' demonstrates how much fun can be had cutting up fish and squid bait to catch the daily haul! 'Kiwi' and 'DOK' were the best hosts anyone could ask for. In this video, DOK demonstrates how to cut up bait for the big hauls, and could not resist sampling a bite, or two or three, much to the delight of the crowd! The louder the groans, the more encouragement it gave to DOK to ham it up!
The Aleutian Ballad was a former commercial fishing boat, and was featured in Season 2 of the Emmy Award-winning TV series, ‘Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery Channel. These days, Aleutian Ballad no longer fish commercially. Instead, she has been retrofitted for tours, and sails the waters around Ketchikan, Alaska to delight and thrill visiting guests to some of the best scenery Mother Nature has to offer, and to demonstrate the life of Alaska king crab fishermen. The waters around Ketchikan is under native jurisdiction and therefore, the policy is strictly ‘catch and release’. The crew hauls the crab pots for ‘show and tell’, before releasing all sea catch back into the waters. Quite often, a Giant Pacific Octopus will make an appearance in one of the barrels, which makes for quite an entertaining show, especially for the crew! This is a highly entertaining, yet educational tour, and the crew encourages guests to take pictures, ask questions, and touch the crabs, prawns and other sea life, with exception of the Alaska King Crab, due to safety reasons.

This tour is definitely a highlight of Alaska, and highly recommended for visitors to Ketchikan.

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    cdngreenwaterdiver · 39 weeks ago

    the high has big kahunas, i dont think i would be chowing down on that squidly thing

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      seapeach · 39 weeks ago

      Fresh sushi! :)