FINANCE EDUCATOR ASKS: Are Time and Money the Same Thing?

21 days ago

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This is a clip of Episode 5 of the Dr. Finance® Live Podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”). Dr. Criniti interviewed Chad Cooper, leading life | business | leadership coach and philanthropist.

Chad E. Cooper is a high-performance coach whose clients include world record holders, Olympians, internationally acclaimed artists and musicians, MVPs from every major sport and Fortune 500 CEOs. A published, peer-reviewed author and recognized speaker on optimal human performance; Cooper has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, CBS Radio, Huffington Post, McKesson, and Sirius XM Network. He is the host of the Legendary Lifestyles radio show. He is the founder of Legendary Life® assisting people to break through to the life they have always wanted. Chad is also the proud founder of Factive Nautics Coaching.

Chad is the author of the book Time Isn’t the Problem: Four Strategies to Transform Stress Into Success. After he retired at 35 from Microsoft, he eventually became a host and moderator for Tony Robbins special guest appearances, where he was responsible for interviewing guests on monthly webinars. Chad teaches people to move out of a life of fear, boredom, frustration, and exhaustion and live a life where dreams become a Legendary Lifestyle, and where time can serve them.

Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”) is the world's leading financial scientist and survivalist. A fifth generation native of Philadelphia, Dr. Criniti is a former finance professor at several universities, a former financial planner, an active investor in diverse marketplaces, an explorer, an international keynote speaker, and has traveled around the world studying various aspects of finance. He is an award winning author of three #1 international best-selling finance books: The Necessity of Finance (2013), The Most Important Lessons in Economics and Finance (2014), and The Survival of the Richest (2016). Dr. Criniti is also the host of the highly successful Dr. Finance® Live Podcast as well as a virtual superhost. Dr. Criniti has started a grassroots movement that is changing the way that we think about economics and finance.

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