A Polar Bear Walks Around with A Plastic Tube Around Its Head

AFVViralsPublished: March 13, 2018
Published: March 13, 2018

Polar bears are well-known as very intelligent animals who love to keep themselves busy doing all sorts of things, and some of them are actually pretty funny! Check out this video and see how silly these polar bears can be.

The video shows two polar bears in a Zoo who are just having some fun in their pool, playing with heir improvised toys - a plastic cube and a plastic tube. One of the bears throws a cube in the water and goes near the pool to try to get the toy out, but his attention gets caught by another funny object floating in the water - a big red plastic tube! He grabs it in his mouth and then puts his head in it and starts walking around with it. What a change of perspective that must be! It seems that even water looks different when he watches it with a tube on his head.

Life in captivity can never relate to a life in the wild. In the Arctic region, where polar bears live, they spend their day traveling along sea ice and hunting for food. They’re also excellent swimmers and are built to endure the freezing temperatures of the arctic. But in captivity, a polar bear usually lives in an enclosure or display area with a small swimming pool. As an alternative to wandering freely on sea ice, they are limited to the same area day after day, and instead of hunting for prey, they play with toys, such as these two in the video, or just wait to get fed.

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