Puppy Shoves Head Into Woman's Mouth To Stop Her Weird Noises

AFVPublished: March 13, 2018
Published: March 13, 2018

*Warning – Weird dog owner behavior. If dog owners being wildly intimate with their dogs bothers you, this might not be the video for you.

This grown woman makes strange noises at her Chihuahua puppy who does not appreciate it.

As dog owners ourselves, we know very well that there are things we do with our dogs that people without pets would probably find weird and unacceptable. That said, there is a high weird level to this video. We will let you decide how weird it is for yourself.

What we have here is a beautiful looking blond woman sitting on a couch with a man next to her. There are ton of dogs in this video. Two Chihuahuas are sitting on the man, a black one and a white one. Both of them are short haired Chihuahuas. There is also a third white and spotted long haired Chihuahua sitting on the far armrest. So, a whole pack of tiny Chihuahuas. The blond woman has the young Chihuahua puppy on her chest. She then starts making a “lalalalala” type of noise while sticking her tongue out.

The Chihuahua pup finds itself torn between the horribly annoying sound coming out of the woman’s mouth and the lure of her mouth and tongue moving. Trying to intervene, the puppy bites her tongue as if leading with her to finally stop with the annoying noise and just shut up. That not working as planned, the puppy sticks its entire head in the woman’s never ceasing mouth.

Yes, you have been warned!

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