The Promised Land Of Organized Crime | Dr. David Duke

2 months ago

In "The Promised Land of Organized Crime," Dr. David Duke uncovers the hidden truth about the leaders of organized crime, breaking the stereotype of Italian dominance and revealing the significant role of Jewish organized crime in shaping the Western world. Through Hollywood and media influence, the general public remains largely unaware of the severe threat posed by Jewish organized crime to America and other nations, as exposed in a WikiLeaks cable from the American Embassy in Jerusalem.

Duke leads viewers on a historical journey, from the early days of Jewish-dominated syndicates to the infamous "Russian Mafia," debunking the popular misconceptions and exposing the media's intentional deception and concealment of the truth. He also sheds light on the dark world of White slavery trafficking, a heinous crime perpetrated by Jewish criminals and affecting millions of young women.

Dr. Duke argues that the control and influence of Jewish organized crime extend to the highest levels of government, Hollywood, and the news media, making it a dangerous and powerful force that remains hidden from the public eye. By delving into the hidden world of organized crime, Duke aims to raise awareness and encourage a more informed and engaged society, empowering people to confront the reality of this powerful and shadowy network.

Release Date: 2010 ???
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