"Excited Cat Plays in Snow"

AFVViralsPublished: March 13, 2018
Published: March 13, 2018

"Did you know that when it comes to playing in the snow, cats can get equally as excited as children? Even though some of our feline companions would never set paw outside in the cold, others can get incredibly excited by the opportunity to have some fun in the snow. This video shows an equally hilarious and adorable example of a feline snow lover. A cute cat is playing on top of a car while it’s snowing heavily and a little girl is capturing the cat through the window. This cat is probably discovering the snow for the first time, and her reaction is so adorable. We bet you have never seen a cat have so much fun in the snow! This kitty seems so intrigued by those small soft flakes. She is jumping all over the top of the car trying to catch at least one of those mysterious snowflakes. Suddenly she gets too eager and slides off the car. Over and out! At least she now knows that snow is slippery!"

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