"Funny Skiing Fail: A Man Falls Down When He Tries to Jump"

AFVViralsPublished: March 13, 2018
Published: March 13, 2018

"What can be more fun during a winter season than being outside on a slope skiing? It's such a fantastic physical activity that doesn't require too much to learn, especially basic skiing techniques that allow you to go downhill and enjoy the ride safely! But, when you have mastered that, you will probably want to try something more demanding like jumps. Just like a man in this video. You simply have to check out his hilarious attempt to make the small ski jump! It seems like he was doing ok while he was going down the hill, and all he was supposed to do was to keep doing that - hold his downhill line, but instead he decides to go right and hits the bump on this skiing trail. He tries to make a jump, but lands badly and crashes down the slope. Fortunately, this was just a minor skiing accident with a happy ending that makes everyone laugh out loud!"

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