"Toddler Girl Gets Stuck on Playground Slide"

Published March 13, 2018 366 Plays

Rumble "We are not sure why, but kids just adore the experience of a playground slide. This video shows a story of a toddler who got too excited and ended up getting stuck on a slide. In the beginning, a young girl goes down the slide backward, introducing her little sister to an alternative way to use the slide. Bring on the fun! Even though the toddler girl gets so excited to go down the slide, something is not quite right… Sliding down doesn’t really work because her cute chubby legs are sticking to the slide. She is so precious! Our toddler girl is a little confused, but she is not giving up! With the cutest smile on her face, she reaches to her sister to help her get down the slide. When she finally manages to descend, the older sister starts tickling her and hugging her. We are so jealous! Cuteness overload! We can all agree that there is nothing more precious than sibling love. Prepare to have your heart melted!"