"Cat Drinks Water from Fish Bowl"

Published March 13, 2018 23 Views

Rumble "Did you know that cats actually like water? Especially if the water is in a bowl full of fish swimming around it. If you don't believe that certain cats would brave against their biggest fears in order to get to those delicious fish, you just have to watch this video! Everybody loves some flavored water, and even cats have their favorite kind, fish flavored water. The cat from this video prefers to have her favorite drink straight from the fishbowl. It even seems like the residents of the bowl can’t be bothered by this cat’s strange habits. The fish are swimming around the bowl completely unaware of the patient cat predator. Is there an evil master plan behind all this restless licking and gulping? We don’t know, but good luck to those fish! Either way, this adorably resourceful cat got herself a tasty drink and we got a good laugh!"

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