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2 months ago

Visit to watch the all new 20 episodes 'Cancer Secrets' docuseries...

There's far too many people who desperately need access to this life-saving information.

The fact that in this year alone, we´ll have 2 MILLION new cases of cancer in the USA, is shocking!

And what´s disgusting is how Big Pharma is so quick to push chemo. Not because of its effectiveness, but because it makes more profit for them. In 2024, Big Pharma will profit $236.6 Billion from chemo. Meanwhile, it actually kills almost 50% of cancer patients who use it!

So many people don´t know of healthier, more natural and more effective alternatives. They simply go through with chemo, not out of preference but because they don't know about these much more effective treatments.

This is Jonathan Otto and I was so excited and passionate to create Cancer Secrets for you! I can honestly say the results are life-changing. I feel more alive, more energetic and filled with vitality. There´s no doubt in my mind that your health will be transformed by these protocols!

- Delve into the explanation of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, and its association with COVID shots.
- Learn about the unique challenges posed by the spike protein in the COVID vaccine, and how it triggers aggressive inflammatory responses in the heart.
- Gain insights into surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation evolved from wartime practices, shaping the landscape of cancer treatment over the last century.
- Understand the distinction between treating cancer and addressing the terrain in which tumors develop. And so much more!

- Explore holistic and natural protocols designed to fuel recovery from modern diseases.
- Discover integrative wellness practices that bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.
- Gain practical tips on how to strengthen the body’s defenses against viruses like COVID-19 and other health challenges.
- Tap into the wisdom of natural healers and experts in holistic wellness, as they share their perspectives and evidence-based practices. And so much more!

- Uncover the intricate relationship between the proliferation of electronic devices, 5G towers, and the increased risk of cancers, particularly glioblastoma.
- Explore the role of fever and the body’s natural detoxification processes in maintaining health
- Explore the concept of allowing the body to experience controlled elevated temperatures to enhance immune response.
- Learn about unconventional approaches to support the body’s natural healing processes, including hyperthermia, and its potential impact on cancer treatment. And so much more!

- Learn about the significance of detoxification in cancer therapy from Dr. Antonio Jimenez.
- Explore the impact of heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium, and learn how detoxification can improve cancer patient outcomes.
- Discover the fifth and seventh key principles of cancer therapy – focusing on the microbiome and emotional-spiritual aspects of health.
- Explore the role of nutrition as a foundational therapy in integrative oncology. And so much more!

- Discover the different wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet, visible, and infrared, and how specific wavelengths might contribute to overall well-being.
- Dr. Nasha Winters challenges the common belief about cancer eradication, emphasizing that dormant cancer cells are naturally present in our bodies.
- Dr. Syed Haider shares his observations on the interrelated treatments for Long COVID, vaccine injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cancer.
- Explore the concept of cancer as a multifactorial condition influenced by events triggering cell changes. And so much more!

- Explore the fascinating world of epigenetics and its influence on health.
- Delve into how nutrition and environment can dynamically shape and override genetic predispositions to diseases.
- Learn about groundbreaking strategies that go beyond genetics, showcasing how intentional choices in nutrition and environment can build genetic resilience.
- Gain insights into tailoring lifestyle choices to individual genetic profiles for optimized health outcomes. And so much more!

- Explore the hygiene hypothesis, where the eradication of bacteria through antibacterial soaps and mouthwashes may make individuals more susceptible to infections.
- Delve into the role of inflammation in autoimmune diseases, including its connection to the gut.
- Understand the foundational role of a healthy gut in overall well-being and the impact of a leaky gut on nutrient absorption.
- Explore dietary considerations, such as the autoimmune paleo diet, for individuals with chronic illnesses. And so much more!

- Unraveling the profound influence of the gut-brain axis on overall health and well-being, especially in the post-COVID era.
- Explore how understanding the gut-brain connection can be a gateway to holistic wellness.
- Gain practical insights into lifestyle choices, nutrition, and mindfulness practices that support not only physical health but also mental and emotional balance.
- Discover practical strategies to nurture a healthy gut-brain relationship through your diet and lifestyle. And so much more!

- Understand how chromosomal damage, and aberrant protein synthesis can contribute to cancer.
- Explore the pitfalls of merely treating symptoms or imbalances without understanding the complex feedback loops and interconnectedness within the body.
- Explore the significant role of optimizing sleep and nutrition in improving autoimmune diseases and cancer.
- Learn about the impact of leaky gut on triggering autoimmunity and the importance of restrictive dietary regimens for deep healing. And so much more!

- Delve into the multifactorial nature of cancer, and understand the impact of invisible toxins such as Wi-Fi, pesticides, mycotoxins, and mercury.
- Acquire actionable insights into safeguarding your health by learning practical measures to minimize exposure to hidden toxins.
- Gain insight into the often overlooked role of chronic infections and their connection to cancer and autoimmunity.
- Acquire practical strategies to minimize exposure to hidden toxins and reduce the risk of chronic infections. And so much more!

- Learn from Nancy Henderson as she shares about her intense fatigue post-COVID and her journey to recovery.
- Dr. Isaac Eliaz shares historical insights into urine-based cancer vaccines, revealing his past involvement in their experimental use over two decades ago.
- Explore the unconventional yet intriguing world of urotherapy, delving into its historical roots.
- Explore the integration of alternative therapies like urotherapy into the broader landscape of holistic healing. And so much more!

- Dr. Antonio Jimenez discusses the principles of non-toxic cancer therapy, including innovative approaches like photodynamic therapy.
- Exploring various methods to increase oxygen levels at the cellular level, such as ozone therapy, deep breathing, and hydrogen-oxygen inhalation therapy.
- Learn how addressing major toxicities like aluminum, glyphosate, and EMFs through red light therapy can combat cancer.
- Understanding the use of sound waves to penetrate deep into the body and treat cancers in areas where light therapy might have limitations. And so much more!

- Explore the intricate dynamics of immune system resilience in this episode as Dr. Kevin Stillwagon sheds light on crucial factors that can impact your health.
- Discover the potential dangers lurking in processed foods, unraveling the inflammatory effects and the creation of low-density lipoproteins.
- Gain insights into practical steps to minimize glyphosate exposure, such as choosing certified organic options.
- Explore natural approaches to fortify your immune system, including nasal rinses and the consumption of polyphenol-rich foods. And so much more!

- Explore the often overlooked realm of hidden inflammation, gaining insights into how it lurks beneath the surface and contributes to various symptoms and diseases.
- Gain insights into the underlying causes of hidden inflammation, understanding how factors such as diet, stress, and environmental influences contribute to its development.
- Discover actionable steps that can be incorporated into your routine to promote overall well-being and potentially reduce the risk of inflammatory-related diseases.
- Delve into natural methods to tame inflammatory symptoms and diseases. And so much more!

- Uncover the critical importance of cardiovascular health as Dr. Stillwagon delves into the intricate workings of the heart, emphasizing its significance as a leading cause of death.
- Explore the socioeconomic factors influencing arterial health and the impact of lifestyle choices on overall well-being.
- Gain insights into the persisting challenges of cardiac issues preceding the COVID era, with a focus on atherosclerosis and chronic heart diseases.
- Embark on a journey to simplicity as Dr. Kevin Stillwagon offers straightforward solutions for a healthier heart. And so much more!

- Delve into the vital importance of heart health, understanding the intricate functions of the heart that beats 100,000 times a day.
- Gain insights into why cardiovascular diseases remain a leading cause of death and their alarming rise in younger populations.
- Discover easy natural solutions to promote a healthier heart.
- Gain a comprehensive understanding of the persistent cardiac issues preceding the COVID era. And so much more!

- Hear insights on the potential impact of beta-glucan on cancer prevention and support.
- Explore the fascinating process of manufacturing ultrapure beta-glucan and its potential to transform immune cells into vigilant defenders against pathogens.
- Empower yourself with practical tips and advice from AJ Lanigan on embracing a plant-based diet and making choices that promote longevity.
- Discover the interconnectedness of a balanced lifestyle, stress management, and dietary practices. And so much more!

- Explore the transformative concept of “Food as Medicine,” gaining insights into the benefits of the right dietary choices.
- Uncover a curated selection of nutrient-rich power foods that can serve as the building blocks for optimal health.
- Gain a deeper understanding of how the right foods can fortify the immune system and contribute to overall resilience against infections and diseases.
- Discover how to incorporate disease-fighting foods into your daily meals and foster a balanced and nourishing approach to nutrition. And so much more!

- Explore the intricate web of factors contributing to mood disorders and neurodegenerative syndromes.
- Delve into the hidden triggers that can lead to brain drain, unraveling the multifaceted elements such as stress, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices.
- Discover how the root causes of brain drain have far-reaching implications for overall well-being.
- Exploring practical steps to support mental health and potentially mitigate the risk of neurodegenerative syndromes. And so much more!

- Explore the often overlooked and silent connection between stress and chronic diseases.
- Uncovering the intricate physiological and psychological mechanisms that link stress to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.
- Gain insights into the mind-body relationship, understanding how stress, both acute and chronic, can manifest physically.
- Acquire practical coping strategies to manage and mitigate the effects of stress on health. And so much more!

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