The Beehive Collective's Bloom Festival '23 Private Presentation.Part1

2 months ago

In August 2023 I had the privilege of attending the Bloom Festival in Blackstock where Saku, of the Beehive Collective, gave a presentation of the artwork many artists pulled together to create over the course of 9 years that tell a profound story. The level of detail in print and spoken word is profound!
Videography Credit to Vishal with gratitude!
The contents of this presentation will be unpacked in a group call session to highlight comments made to it that offer greater context and insight from you who view it, resonate with the message and leave insightful comments about the themes identified in the pres.
Will upload another segment of the presentation when 22+ subscribers have joined this channel OR 22+ likes are present OR 22+ presentation related comments have been left (whichever happens first).
Consider this a social experiment to get this info out there!
To connect with the Beehive Collective directly, go to:

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