Will Cincinnati City Council back city manager?

Published March 13, 2018

Rumble Cincinnati City Council members began to draw political battle lines this weekend over Mayor John Cranley’s efforts to push City Manager Harry Black out of his job. Cranley asked his hand-picked city manager to resign on Friday afternoon, said sources close to the two. This came just a day after Black forced the resignation of Assistant Cincinnati Police Chief David Bailey. In order to fire Black, the mayor needs the support of at least five members of council. It is unclear whether Cranley has the votes. Just two council members — P.G. Sittenfeld and Wendell Young — revealed their hand over the weekend: They stand with Black. Sittenfeld, who has heaped high praise on the city manager’s work during recent council meetings, said in a series of Sunday morning tweets that both the police chief and the city manager are good at their jobs. He also called on city leadership to work together to “move forward.” “The positions of Police Chief and City Manager are difficult, complicated jobs; our current Chief and Manager do them well, and they have my support,” Sittenfeld tweeted.

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