Energetic Dog Hops Around Like A Rabbit In Deep Snow

Published March 12, 2018 958 Views $0.62 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere is something about snow that just makes us incredibly happy. It’s like falling asleep at home in your bed and waking up on the other side of the wardrobe in Narnia. The snow hides many wonders and the infinite possibilities of snow games make it extremely enticing. Although the cold that is associated with this white goodness can make us humans love it a bit less, it seems that other animals don’t quite have the same reaction.

Warding off the cold in the wintry months can be a hassle. You never know whether the twelfth layer of clothing is enough, or do you maybe need another one. But this is no problem for furry animals who are energetic and active and have a thick coat of hairs that are specifically created to keep them toasty warm. Now, this predicament lets us do one or two things. We can either stay at home and watch our pets gaze longingly through the window, or we can get our wintry panties on, and additional thirteen layers of clothes, and let them out to play a bit.

Giving your pets the opportunity to touch, taste and smell the white flakes is absolutely rewarding. Just take a look at this footage and you’ll be reassured. This highly energetic pupper just can’t get enough of the white wonderland. Molly shows off her adorable bunny rabbit impression as she hops around in the snow. It truly is a cuteness overload!

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