Creative Guy Shows How To Build Boomerang Out Of A Pizza Box

Published March 12, 2018 9,590 Views $14.01 earned

Rumble / Do It YourselfA curious video has emerged of crafty Vic introducing his homemade boomerang made out of a pizza box, which is very easy and cost-efficient to make and it is great for some outdoor fun! Brought to you by boomerangsbyVic

Boomerangs to many are simply a myth. Vic been fascinated with boomerangs since he was a little kid. He has found they can be made from many different types of material. You simply need a basic understanding of what makes them fly and return.

Boomerangs have a special curved shape and two or more wings that will spin to create unbalanced aerodynamic forces. These forces - sometimes called ‘lift’ - cause the boomerang's path to curve in an elliptical shape, so that it will return to the thrower when thrown correctly.

In this episode, Vic will show us how to make a boomerang out of a pizza box. All you need is an ordinary pizza box, a straight edge square, a regular ruler, pair of scissors and a pencil.

First, remove all the excess cardboard pieces, take the scissors and cut off the edges of the box. Next, take the square and draw a line directly across corner to corner. Then, take your ruler and look for the halfway mark and measure the middle of the cardboard, place the ruler in the middle of the mark and draw around it. Cut the outlined piece, like seen in the video, and voila! You have your boomerang!

Vic takes the first swing, and the boomerang sways in the air and obediently returns to Vic, but falls to the ground! The second time he throws it, it ends up straight in his hands!

All boomerangs made by Vic from 'BoomerangsbyVic' are handcrafted with 10 ply 5mm finish birch. His hand-crafted returning boomerangs can be purchased online and make great gifts for someone you know that loves boomerangs.