A Spectacular Drone Footage Of An Ice Phenomenon In The Netherlands

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Rumble / Natural PhenomenaHave you ever thought about visiting The Netherlands and seeing all its natural beauties? Well if you haven’t thought of it here are some beautiful facts and inspiration about The Netherlands that will make you buy a plane ticket right at this moment!

When you think about The Netherlands the first thing that comes to your mind in Amsterdam. We know, don’t act innocent! But The Netherlands has a lot of breathtaking places that will make you want to move there. Here is one favorite place of ours: The biggest lake Ijsselmeer. Ijsselmeer, shallow freshwater lake, northern and central Netherlands. It was formed from the southern part of the former Zuiderzee by the building of a dam separating the Ijsselmeer from both the Waddenzee (the northern part of the former Zuiderzee) and the North Sea. You can look this video of The Netherlands and how they are experiencing an incredible ice phenomenon in their biggest lake. It's getting warmer and all the ice sheets at the lake are starting to shove. It’s mesmerizing!

Lake Ijsselmeer, Western Europe’s largest lake, is a beautiful place to spend a few days. You can skirt the perimeter by foot or bike and we recommend you do. It's very flat and incredibly peaceful. This lake in the Netherlands gives amazing opportunity to visit old fisher villages, enjoy the sun or fight your way through heavy winds. So, did you buy a ticket for The Netherlands?


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