"A Trampoline Momentum: Girl Does Backflips, But Falls onto A Mat"

Published March 12, 2018 135 Plays

Rumble "Some people may think that trampolines are just for little kids, but in fact, trampoline jumping has many health and fitness benefits both for kids and adults! It's a great whole-body workout, so easy to do and such great fun too! But, if you want to learn more complex and more demanding moves, it can also be very challenging and time-consuming to master the skill. Just check out this slow-motion video and see how cool jumping on a trampoline can be. The video shows a couple of girls in a gymnastic hall and one of them is doing a couple of backflips on a trampoline, but she gets so carried away by her momentum that she loses the balance and falls onto a mat! Luckily the mat is soft enough to cushion the fall, but also judging from the way she does it, this definitely isn't her first time on this trampoline!"