"Pomeranian Dances to Jennifer Lopez Song"

Published March 12, 2018 824 Plays

Rumble "A great many things in this world can be described as cute, but a Pomeranian dancing to a Jennifer Lopez song definitely ranks pretty high on our list! If you don’t agree, you just have to watch this video! J. Lo’s “I’m Into You” is playing and this little dog can't help but show his best dancing moves! He’s moving his head around, and that canine freestyle is impressive! Work it! He’s just too cute to handle! Pomeranians are well known for their lively and playful temperament, and our little guy is no exception. They are also extroverted and definitely enjoy being the center of attention. And to be honest, this little one deserves all the attention he can get. The little Pomeranian from this video probably imagines that he is on a dance floor and he is killing it. Look at those moves! We are not gonna lie, he is feeling the beat perfectly! We challenge you not to dance along when you watch this video!"